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Monday, September 6, 2010

I've have been thinking about my future alot lately..

As I was watching a documentary about those who live for their art one of the artists said "What's the point? We are all just going to be dust one day." This really affected me and got me thinking about my future.. I mean I dread every second of every day that i am in school and why? So that I can have a future? Yes... But I will have a future whether I go to school or not.. Its more about having a successful future and a high paying job that requires schooling. To be honest I do not like what our country has come to. We rely on paper to get by each day.. And that's just as stupid as it sounds. We need money to survive in this country because that is the way our society was created.. When you think back to cavemen and Indians; at that point things were simple and our country and society had so many different possibilities to evolve into.. I just don't approve of the direction our country has taken.. Everything is too complex and it makes it difficult to make it in this world. I hope one day people will begin to understand where I'm coming from and share the same feelings, but until then I will accept each day as it comes and dream about a revolution that could be the beginning to a better life for many many people. Please feel free to share your thoughts with comments. I would love to hear them.